Pray For Sound - Everything Is Beautiful
Pray For Sound - Everything Is Beautiful
Pray For Sound - Everything Is Beautiful

Pray For Sound - Everything Is Beautiful

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The third release from Pray for Sound, Everything Is Beautiful, communicates the dichotic concept of light vs. dark without a single spoken word. As the follow up to the band’s 2014 album Dreamer, Everything Is Beautiful marks an all in decision to dedicate their energies towards the band. “The five of us left our ‘real lives’ behind in Massachusetts and relocated up to Glover, Vermont for eight days with all our music equipment,” recalls Malley. “No distractions or stress.” Removing all societal participation built quite a euphoric experience for the band, and allowed them to find renewed creativity in their songwriting. Eleven new songs found on Everything Is Beautiful feature turbulent guitar riffs and heart pounding drums accompanied by sweeping and all encompassing undercurrents of sound that evoke the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Tycho, and Explosions in the Sky. “We discovered a newfound excitement for the music we were making,” says Malley of the time spent writing and recording Everything Is Beautiful. “We took our time to finish our ideas, and the end result is something we're all incredibly proud of.”


Everything Is Beautiful was written, recorded, produced, and mixed by the band themselves. Pray for Sound will begin hinting new songs and content from Everything Is Beautiful beginning September 2nd, 2016 as pre-orders for the album begin. The band is accompanied by a united release from I Am Shark, AM/FM Records, and Dunk! Records (UK) coordinating a full-length release via Digital/CD/Vinyl/Merch on September 23rd, 2016.


  1. 01 The Ringing In Your Ears
  2. 02 Once One Begins There Are Only Endings
  3. 03 They Gave Up Looking
  4. 04 I Have Seen Hell And It's White
  5. 05 Only When It Is Dark Enough Can You See The Stars
  6. 06 The Light In Your Eyes
  7. 07 Anything Can Be
  8. 08 Everywhere Everywhere
  9. 09 Congratulations You're Alive
  10. 10 'Til The Summer Comes Again
  11. 11 Valley Of Unrest
Pressing Information

2xLP with 200 GSM Gatefold Jacket
Full spread inner layout of artwork by Nevan Doyle
140-160 gram weight discs, cut at optimum 45 RPM speed
Exclusive vinyl master of the album
(3) Available variant colors from I Am Shark, AM/FM Records, and Dunk! Records

Includes digital download from Everything Is Beautiful and some digital extras.